Growing up off of the notorious Slauson Avenue in Los Angeles, CA, Kavin Donnell has always been inspired to write about first-hand experiences. Instead of bottling all of his emotions into raps, the emerging self-taught musician showcases his ideas through writing songs. The West Coast native's transparent style is evident in his self-incriminating lyrics that flow seamlessly over electronic-infused tracks. 


Donnell's occasionally provocative wordplay, in combination with lo-fi synths and distorted 808 drumkits, lay the foundation for his signature "drift" sound. "Drift" is neither a sound nor feeling but rather a destination. Donnell says, "It's music that can take you places. My goal is to make your mind wonder and your imagination run wild, all while remaining true to the story I'm portraying." 


As if that wasn't enough to surpass the expectations of an artist under 21, Donnell displays his technical understanding for music by single-handedly mixing and engineering each of his songs before their release. At the tender age of 20, it's safe to say that Kavin Donnell is not only the true definition of an Independent artist but a true innovator in creative artistry for all generations.